10 Best Acting Classes in Atlanta in 2020

Atlanta is one of the best places for aspiring actors to be. There’s a booming film industry with a lot of opportunities to get your name on a credits reel — without the competition that you’ll find in a place like Hollywood. 

It’s an ideal place to build your resume while sharpening your skills and figuring out where your focus should be as an actor. And who knows, you might just make a lifelong career in Atlanta!

There are also great, talented teachers in Atlanta, making it home to some of the best acting schools. 

What makes a best acting school in Atlanta? 

What do we mean when we say the best acting schools in Atlanta? There are a few factors that go into this. 

Of course, the goal of taking acting classes is to prepare you for a career in acting. So we looked at how well the skills and techniques in these schools translate to real-world practice. Have these schools produced any well-known actors?

But we also know it’s more than just outcome. We looked for schools that really help you develop your skills and find your niche as an actor. And of course, we couldn’t ignore factors like tuition and availability. 

We’ve looked at everything, from reputation to reviews, from technique to tuition, and have come up with a list of the ten best acting schools in Atlanta. 

  1. Nick Conti’s Professional Actor’s Studio

Nick Conti’s Professional Actor’s Studio has been a staple in the Atlanta acting scene for over 20 years. They specialize in classes and workshops that prepare you for auditions and roles, offering training in technique, scene study, script analysis, improv, cold readings, monologues, and more. 

Intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to train with Nick Conti, who has over 40 years of acting experience. There are also bootcamp-style workshops to help you develop a specific skill quickly.

Address: 2849 Piedmont Rd., Atlanta, GA

Website: proactorsstudio.com

Phone: (404) 943-1873

Tuition: $110-$225 per month depending on the course

Speciality: Teen classes, special events acting (i.e. TV & Film Combat) 

  1. Alliance Theatre

Alliance Theatre offers classes to those of all ages, from 12 months(!) and up, thanks to their variety of children’s programs and summer camps. 

Adults can sharpen their skills here as well with classes in stage, film, TV, playwriting, screenwriting, voiceover, and more. 

The Alliance Theatre is credited with launching hits like Elton John and Tim Rice’s “Aida” and Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple,” among others.

Address: 1280 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA

Website: alliancetheatre.org

Phone: (404) 733-4650

Tuition: $225-$250 per course

Speciality: Child acting, foundations

  1. Catapult Acting

Catapult Acting’s classes promote consistent training. Their courses are 16 weeks each and structured with specific goals in mind. You can choose between Baseline and Advanced courses for On-Camera, Audition Technique, Improv, and more.

You can schedule an Industry Consultation as a first step — they’ll cater the session to your individual needs and help you optimize your actor profile with professional-quality marketing materials. 

Address: 1934 Cliff Valley Way NE Suite B, Atlanta, GA

Website: catapultacting.com

Phone: (404) 500-7897

Tuition: $345 per course

Speciality: Career preparedness

  1. Atlanta Acting Arts

If you’re looking for a school led by award winning producers, writers, directors, casting directors, actors, and coaches, then Atlanta Acting Arts is the place you want to be. 

Their focus is not only improving actors’ skills, but giving them the industry knowledge they need for a successful career. They hold classes for beginners and advanced actors alike, specializing in preparation for commercials. 

Address: 1810 Water Place, Atlanta, GA 

Website: atlantaactingarts.com

Phone: (404) 948-2111

Tuition: $40 per session

Speciality: Audition taping/coaching, commercials

  1. Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatre

Pinch ‘n’ Ouch is one of the newer acting schools in Atlanta. Here they focus on Sanford Meisner’s acting technique of utilizing emotions and impulses to create amazing characters. 

Classes are open to actors of all experience levels, although there are advanced classes offered in TV/Film Acting and On-Camera Acting. Classes run for 8-16 weeks and focus on practical skills, emphasizing time on stage and in front of a camera.

Address: 195 Arizona Ave NE L/W1, Atlanta, GA

Website: pnotheatre.org

Phone: (404) 455-1313

Tuition: $300 for the Foundations class

Speciality: Sanford Meisner acting technique

  1. Actor’s Express

Actor’s Express is a contemporary theatre that puts on productions ranging from “daringly provocative to audaciously hilarious.” They offer a variety of classes for developing artists of all ages who are looking to grow their skills from a novice level. 

Their classes meet weekly for four weeks, making them ideal for those with full-time work or school schedules. 

Address: 887 West Marietta St., NW Suite J-107, Atlanta, GA

Website: actors-express.com

Phone: (404) 607-7469

Tuition: $200

Speciality: Contemporary acting

  1. Lighthouse Acting Studio

Lighthouse Acting Studio provides training from professionals with over 30 years of industry experience. They have on-going On-Camera Film/TV acting classes and offer set sessions for additional On-Camera and Kids/Teens On-Camera classes. 

They also offer 1-day workshops to work on skills like cold reading scripts, revisiting basics, learning the ins and outs of the industry, and monologues. You can book time to tape an audition with professional tapers or schedule free audits of classes, the possibilities here are endless!

Address: 2302 Parklake Dr., Atlanta, GA

Website: lighthouseactingstudio.com

Phone: (678) 348-6602

Tuition: $125-325 depending on the class

Speciality: On-Camera, Improv, and Voice-Over

  1. Atlanta Workshop Players

Atlanta Workshop Players is a non-profit, family-friendly performing arts company, school, and film school conservatory. Not only do they provide professional-level training, they create a supportive environment that counters the competitive nature of the acting industry. 

They offer a number of workshops, camps, and classes for kids, teens, and adults. Courses cover everything from acting basics to tech.

Address: 8560 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Atlanta, GA

Website: atlantaworkshopplayers.com

Phone: (770) 998-8111

Tuition: $69-$250 a month

Speciality: Internship programs for technical theatre, stage managers, video crew, and marketing

  1. Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre has been around for over 90 years, and they continue to excel in putting on successful shows and private events. 

The Fox Theatre Institute supports a number of programs within the community, including professional development seminars. Joining the FTI will put you front and center in Atlanta’s theatre scene and give you inside access to seminars with the best in the industry.

Address: 660 Peachtree St., Atltanta, GA

Website: foxtheatre.org

Phone: (404) 881-2100

Tuition: Varies

Speciality: Community outreach

  1. Good Acting Studio

Good Acting Studio embraces the Total Actor Training method, exploring how the actor’s body moves, the way the actor thinks, and what emotions drive the actor. Doing so allows students to really stimulate their imagination and creativity. 

They offer studio classes for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and specialty courses like Improv 101 and The Total Actor Workout. They also offer online coaching and Homeschool classes for children.

Address: 507 Roswell St., Atlanta, GA

Website: goodactingstudio.com

Phone: (770) 628-5777

Tuition: Starting at $125 per month

Speciality: Total Actor Training, Homeschool classes

If you’re looking to take your acting career to the next level in Atlanta, these are great places to start!

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