Do You Need Acting Classes to Become an Actor?

Do You Need Acting Classes to Become an Actor

You have a dream of becoming a star; but do you need acting classes to become an actor? There is some debate on the answer to that question. However, acting classes can help you hone your natural talent. Like any skill, you must hone and practice your craft in order to become better. 

There are a few actors who have never taken acting classes. Some of the names may surprise you; names like Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and even Marilyn Monroe. These iconic talents have raw natural talent and were lucky enough to land in various roles that gave them major attention. Not everyone is able to do that. For some, it requires classes and hours of hard work practicing their skills to become the best at what they do. Actors, just like writers and artists, need to practice their craft a couple of hours a day even though the sketch or story will not be for sale. That practice helps improve their abilities and keep them at the top of their game. 

Do you actually need acting classes?

Sometimes, raw natural talent is not enough. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on acting classes while you are in school or even after. The school drama club and community theater can give you a place to practice and hone your skills before you start acting classes. They can help you learn to work with directors and other actors to improve your skills and the skills of others. 

Once you decide it is time to enter acting classes to help you become the actor you wish to be you will have to decide what kind of actor you want to be; comedic, drama, musical, on the big screen and television, or do you want to be on Broadway. Once you have decided that the choice of acting classes should be those that help you develop talent for that genre. 


When it comes to choosing acting classes there are a few things you need to consider. 

  • Is or has the instructor been a professional actor or director?
  • What does the class offer, is there something you are not familiar with or need to work on? 
  • Does this class or instructor have students who became famous after studying with that instructor? 
  • How will this class help you hone your talent and skills?
  • Does the class have a large student body or is it smaller for more one on one work?
  • Cost also needs to be considered. Can you take this class without it causing you to become broke? Remember while you need to study your craft and practice you need to have a place to live and food to eat. 

The benefits of acting classes are that it offers you a place to learn methods, how to portray real feelings, a network of friends and associates you can call on when you need help with how to portray a role or character. It also is an added benefit to your resume that goes on the back of your headshot. Also, it provides you a place to practice and hone your skills. 

Are there acting jobs for people who are not experienced?

Are there opportunities out there for people who are not experienced? Many actors get their start in other places before they break into movies and television. Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Chuck Norris to name a few. Mark was a model, Donnie was in a boy band, and Chuck Norris is a seven-time Karate champion. There are opportunities if you know how to find them.

How to get started in acting

First, know the business from all angles not just as an actor. Understand what it means in terms of business, marketing, agents, contracts, and more. Then market yourself to talent agents, directors, and producers. 

Tips on finding opportunities in acting are

  • Know the business by reading books on the acting business, market, talent agents, and so forth. 
  • Do not pack up and move to LA or New York City right away.
  • Audition and train locally at first you will help develop your skills and the ability to handle rejection doing this locally.
  • Work on special skills that you have, maybe juggling, escaping handcuffs, or whatever your special skill is work on it so that it is muscle memory or second nature to you. 
  • Work on marketing yourself. Professional headshot with your contact information a short resume of acting schools and skills you have written on the back. 
  • Most importantly learn how to accept being turned down. If you cannot handle being turned down for jobs, acting is not for you. You may be turned down 19 times and the 20th time you will hear a yes. So learn to deal with rejection and not take it personally, in fact, you might try enquiring what about your abilities need improvement and then work on that. Even rejection can be a way to hone your skills and talents to be better. 

These things can help you find an in, to the acting work that is out there be it commercials or bit pieces, or just an extra to start out. Learning about the business as in the tips above will help you know where to find acting audition calls that are legitimate. That is something you must keep alert too, no matter how bad you wish to become an actor make sure the opportunity knocking is legitimate. That also applies to acting schools; make sure that the acting school is legitimate and recognized before spending money on it.

Being able to protect yourself is something you must know how to do. If you do not understand a contract then have a lawyer look it over before you sign it. Know what deal you are signing when it comes to pay, hours, what it is you will be doing meaning does the acting role call for nude scene, is your agent getting more than you are when it comes to pay, is there anything in the contract that will cause you harm or not get paid? Acting like any profession has its good and bad parts, you need to understand the bad parts in order to protect yourself from unscrupulous agents, directors, and others. Most of these people are legitimate and good people but there will always be some that are not. 


You can attain an acting job without classes or experience but just make sure to protect yourself along the way. Do not let an acting role become more important to you than your morals, integrity, and honesty.

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