Family Casting Call For Commercial ($7,000)

Casting directors are looking for real families to star in a commercial broadcasting later in the year. All submissions must be in by January 15th at 5pm, so check out the casting call below ASAP!

Casters are looking for the following REAL families:
 #1 an outdoorsy, granola-looking family
 #2 A family with older kids who love adventures and thrill rides
#3 A couple with younger kids that desperately needs a romantic getaway without the little ones
#4 A family of brainiacs that loves to learn things and who’d be interested in history

The description “younger kids” is referring to children ages 4-6 and “older kids” refers to children 7-16. Casters ask that the older kids be able to show emotion. No one with a southern accent will be considered.

The pay rate is $2,000 per person and caps out at $7,000 per family.

Filming will take place in Birmingham, Alabama on February 1st and 5th. Travel, per diem, and a hotel will be provided for the families chosen.

If your family is interested in the role, please send an email to designating the family number you’d like to try out for in the subject line. Be sure to attach a family photo along with photos of each individual family member. Also include your cellphone, email, location, and Skype.

The callback date is set for January 18th by means of Skype.

Good luck to those all-star families submitting for the role!


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