Modeling Agencies in Atlanta: Top 10 Atlanta Modeling Agencies 2020

Atlanta is a great place for both photographers looking to connect with talent, and models looking to break into the scene. Having representation through a modeling agency is a great way for models to get introduced to the industry, network with other models and photographers, and get matched with opportunities that best fit their career goals. Models of all specialties can find an agency in Atlanta. But not all agencies are created equal. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top modeling agencies in Atlanta to help you find the right one for you.

What makes a top modeling agency in Atlanta?

With a lot of representation choices out there, it can be hard to know which ones will help you advance your career — which is why we took a careful look at things like reputation for success, what brands these agencies work with, what types of models they are looking for, and what types of opportunities they offer their talent.


It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s experiences will be different, and representation is never guaranteed. But with hard work, persistence, and the right team behind you, anything is possible!

So, without further ado, here are the top modeling agencies in Atlanta, Georgia. 

1. CMT Agency

Winner - Top Rated in 2020

CMT is the event model agency of choice in the Atlanta region — if you are a model looking for an interactive role, then this is the agency for you. Since they work with thousands of companies worldwide, they’re always looking for new talent. And registration and bookings are handled with a phone app for a convenient way to manage your career.


Address: 1417 Dutch Valley Pl., Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 233-4644

Specialty: Event models

2. Factor|Chosen Model Management

Factor|Chosen has been representing fashion and high fashion models for over 30 years. Their reputation in the industry allows them to offer their models opportunities like Prada and other big name fashion shoots. Although they represent a diverse client and talent roster, they typically represent standard fashion models. If you’re interested in Factor|Chosen, be sure to check their website beforehand to see their submission requirements. Website: Address: 500 Bishop St. NW Suite A-2, Atlanta, GA Phone: (404) 872-7444 Specialty: Fashion

3. HOP Models & Talent

HOP is a full service talent agency headquartered in Atlanta, with additional offices in Chicago, Seattle, and Dallas. They work with international clients as well, so opportunities here are endless. This is a great agency for models who have additional talents, as they also provide opportunities in commercial, advertising, film, television, voice over, and promotional work. 



Address: 260 18th St. NW., Atlanta, GA

Phone: (678) 973-2430

Specialty: Full service

4. BMG Models

BMG represents 1,400 people globally, and that number is set to continue growing. They pride themselves on not just providing opportunities and meeting client needs, but being a loyal business partner, industry leader, promoter of model development and growth, and a responsible community member. With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, they’ve developed a proven process for success, including how to balance the life of a child model Website:
Address: 1770 The Exchange SE., Atlanta, GA Phone: (404) 800-6600 Specialty: Full service

5. Salt Model & Talent

Salt Model & Talent is made up of a team with over 50 years combined experience in print, runway, high fashion, and commercial print. They also have one of the most diverse talent rosters for child models in the Atlanta area. 

Because of their track record, they get quite a few submissions for representation. Therefore, they’ve put some pretty strict requirements on their website, so be sure to check those out before submitting. 


Address: 1417 Dutch Valley Pl., Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 214-9265

Specialty: Fashion, children 

6. About Faces Models & Talent

About Faces truly believes there is a modeling opportunity for everyone. They have a unique system of in-house bookers that handle every aspect of your modeling career. The placement division works on a national scale, so the opportunities are endless. They welcome models ranging from kids to adults, men and women, and all sizes and ethnic backgrounds.
Website: Address: Buckhead Tower, 399 Peachtree Rd. NE., Atlanta, GA Phone: (404) 233-2006 Specialty: Plus size, petite, ethnically-diverse

7. Ei Model Management

Ei is an inclusive modeling agency, meaning they represent talent of all sizes, shapes, and interests. That’s why they boast the most diverse roster of actors, models, and creatives within the fashion industry. Because of their diversity and range, clients often come to Ei as their first choice — meaning they’re never short of opportunities for their models. 


Address: Hurt Bldg, 50 Hurt Plaza SE #1500, Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 205-5561

Specialty: Lifestyle, fashion

8. Ursula Wiedmann Models

Ursula Wiedmann had a successful 24-year career as a model in New York. When she moved to Atlanta, she wanted to help aspiring models do the same. That’s why her agency focuses on developing models by making a unique plan for each person. Because they give so much time and attention to each model, Urusla Wiedmann keeps a small roster and is selective in representing new talent. But if you show the right amount of potential, you’re in for a successful future with Ursula Wiedmann. Website: Address: 651 Dallas St. NE Suite B., Atlanta, GA Phone: (404) 378-1804 Specialty: Model development

9. Click Model Management

Click Model Management started in New York and has expanded to multiple locations over the past 40 years, including Atlanta. They work with models of all interests, with divisions like Women, Men, Plus Size, Runway, Showroom, FIT, and Television Commercials. Click credits their success to their strategy of growth through new ideas, consistent new acquisitions, and superior service. 



Address: 3050 Amwiler Rd., Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 688-9700

Specialty: Fashion, runway, curvy

10. Select Model Management

Select Model Management has the unique benefit of being a network of boutique agencies. They recently combined with MP Management, adding yet another layer of expertise and networking. Now, Select has a global presence and can offer its models the best opportunities in the world. 


Address: 500 Bishop St. NW Suite A2., Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 872-7444

Specialty: Fashion, runway, lifestyle

Getting representation is an essential step in starting your modeling career — choosing the right modeling agency makes all the difference. We hope this list helps you make a great decision for your career!

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