NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’ Casting Call for Extras

Ever want to be up close to law enforcement? You’re in luck! NBC’s police drama ‘Chicago PD’ might be looking for people like you! Casting directors are seeking talent to play soccer coaches, doctors, drug dealers and zoo employees for scenes filming on Wednesday, October 18th in Chicago, Illinois. More details below.  

Compensation:  $88/8

  • GOAL role receives $88/8
  • STAT role receives $88/8 + $35 Auto Bump (if applicable)
  • DOPE DEALER role receives $88/8 + $25 Wardrobe Fitting
  • ZOOTOPIA role receives $88/8 (Adults), $150/8 (Minors under 16)

Casting Call Details:

  • Role: Soccer Player, Soccer Coaches, Teenagers, and Soccer Referees
    • Men, women and teens ages 16-60
    • Lincoln Square Type
    • Scene will be a little kids soccer game
    • If you have real referee experience please list in your submission
    • Please apply with the SUBJECT LINE: GOAL
    • Filming Date: Wednesday 10/18
  • Role(s): Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Visitors and Patients
    • Men and Women in their 20s-50s
    • For interior Chicago Med scenes. Some roles will move onto an additional exterior neighborhood scene.
    • Please apply with SUBJECT LINE: STAT
    • Filming Date: Wednesday 10/18
  • Role: Heroin Dealer
    • Men in their 20s-30s
    • Any ethnicity
    • Should look shady and rough around the edges
    • Please apply with SUBJECT LINE: DOPE DEALER
    • Filming Date: Wednesday 10/18
  • Role: Patrons/Employees at Lincoln Park Zoo
    • Men, Women, and Children
    • All ethnicities
    • Minors under the age of 16 must have a valid work permit through Empire Casting (not 4 Star or Joan Philo)  or any major Talent Agency
    • Please apply with SUBJECT LINE: ZOOTOPIA
    • Filming Date: Monday 10/23

NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’ follows the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department (located at the District 21) who fights the city’s major offenses (organized crime, drug trafficking, and high profile murders).   

To apply, please submit the following information to CPDbackground@gmail.com with the role(s) you are applying for in the subject line (i.e. SUBJECT LINE: STAT).

  • Legal Name
  • Age
  • Guardian’s Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Zip Code
  • Valid Work Permit (through Empire Casting)
  • Any visible tattoos (describe placement and attach photo)
  • Kids Sizes (T-Shirt/Pants/Shoe)
  • Female Sizes (Dress/T-Shirt/Bust/Waist/Hip/Shoe)
  • Male Sizes (Jacket/T-Shirt/Neck/Sleeve/Waist/Inseam/Shoe)
  • Car Color/Year/Make/Model (if applicable, with a photo attached)
  • Photos
    • Please attach a few well-lit and clear recent photos of yourself in appropriate attire for the role you are applying for
    • If applicable, please attach photos of any visible tattoos
    • If applicable, please attach a photo of your vehicle

Please do not apply if you are not local or do not fit the descriptions and/or requirements.

Good luck!

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