Netflix Insatiable Auditions; Open Casting Calls

Insatiable is a new Netflix Original series starring Debby Ryan. The comedy is a 13 episode story premiering in 2018. Casters are seeking actors to fill a few different roles described in the casting call below. The pay rate for all roles totals $88/10 and requires a work date of Monday December 18th in Atlanta, Georgia.

All roles require that the talent have no visible tattoos, have not worked on the set in the last 4 weeks, and are available for the full day of 12/18.

Men & Women 18+: needed to play doctors, nurses, visitors, patients, and teachers
Students: men & women 18+, able to portray high school students, so they must look younger than they are, no visible tattoos,
Parents with a car: men & women, 18+, appear to be in their late 30’s through their 50’s, able to work with their car, car should be in good condition (cannot be red, white, or black), when applying you must include the make, model, year, and photos of the car

To submit for a role, please send an email to Be sure to include your name, contact information, and a recent photograph.

Best of luck!

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