Open Roles For Woody Harrelson’s ‘Highwaymen’

Auditions for the many open roles in Highwaymen are happening now! Actors and talent must be available for filming between the dates of February 1st and April 4th 2018, and must be located near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Highwaymen stars Woody Harrelson & Kevin Costner, but is in need of plenty of other roles to be filled. Casters are looking specifically for the following parts.

Young Clyde Barrow: 12 years old, caucasian male, brown hair, must be willing to travel, flexible availability
Background People: all types of men, women, & children, must have an updated photo to be considered
Frank: *stand-in, caucasian, male, 6’0-6’2, weighing 180-200 pounds, blonde to gray hair
Maney: *stand-in, caucasian, male, 5’9-5’11, weighing 170-190 pounds, balding, blonde to gray hair

To apply for any positions, send an email to with your preferred role in the subject line. Be sure to include your name (child’s name if they’re a minor, along with the parent’s name), height & weight, city & state of residency, phone number, & two recent photographs (one full body & one mid to head). Please don’t include any hats, filters, or other people in your pictures.

Best of luck to those of you auditioning for these parts!

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