Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell Season 4 Auditions & Open Casting Calls

Adult Swim series Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell revolves around demon-character Gary scouring the world for souls to overtake. The casting call for season 4 of the show is lengthy, and requires eligible talent to submit applications to asap! Your email should include your experience, name, contact info, height, weight, and age. Each role has a unique subject line as listed in the casting call below.

Grease The Wheel: greaser-type biker, burly, bearded, rough, males, 35+, any ethnicity; work date of Wednesday Jan. 3rd; pays $137/8; email subject ROADHOG
Legion Of The Damned: males and females, any ethnicity, 18+; work dates of Jan. 3rd, 11th, 12th; pays $137/8; email subject REAPER
Demille: male to portray featured producer, please submit your best photos, work dates of Jan. 4th, 5th; pays $137/8; email subject DEMILLE
Lights Camera Action: males and females to portray producers, any ethnicity, ages 35+, work date Jan. 4th; pays $137/8; email subject SUNSET BOULEVARD
Nurse: female or male to portray a nurse, any ethnicity, 25+, work date Jan. 15th, pays $137/8; email subject NO PULSE
Demon Convection 2018: male, all sizes, portray demon at convention, any ethnicity, 25+, not allergic to makeup or prosthetics, available both work dates; work dates Jan. 16th, 18th; pays $137/8; email subject MY PRETTY FACE
Steak House Server: male or female to portray steakhouse server, any ethnicity, 20+, note any real-life food service experience; work date Jan. 16th; pays $137/8; email subject MEDIUM RARE
Frightened Woman: female, comfortable screaming at the top of your lungs, any ethnicity, 25+; work date Jan. 18th; pays $137/8; email subject BANSHEE
Models: male and female, real life models, drop dead gorgeous, any ethnicity, 20+, males must be taller than 6′ and women taller than 5’10”; work date Jan. 18th; pays $137/8; email subject DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

Scenes will be filmed January 3rd through the 12th in Atlanta, Georgia. Be sure to check the specific roles work dates before applying.

Good luck applicants!

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