Stranger Things Season 3 Auditions & Open Casting Calls

Stranger Things

With an incredible 2nd season in the books, we know you’re wondering about Stranger Things 3 auditions and casting calls.

Don’t worry, they’re teasing at a 3rd season and rumor has it the series will be extended for as many as 5 seasons (hopefully even more).

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Season 3 will need all sorts of actors for leading roles and background extras…

We’re keeping in contact with casting directors and production agents and when Stranger Things 3 auditions are available they will be listed right here and this page. So make sure to bookmark it and check back regularly, but in the mean time we’ve put together a list of tips for stranger things auditions.

Stranger Things 3 Auditions: 3 Tips to Help You Land a Role

  • Casting Directors are looking for dedicated teen and child actors.

Being an actor takes a lot of dedication, especially if you’re auditioning for a show as big as Stranger Things! Think about how hard it was for a young girl like Millie Bobby Brown (The actress who plays Eleven) to buzz her hair! However, she didn’t even think twice about it, because an actor does what an actor must do, and like they say, the show must go on!

  • Stranger Things Auditions are only for the best actors

Even before Stranger Things was a hit, they wanted the best of the best, and now that its one of the best show’s and has broken dozens of records, the standards are even higher. If you think you can audition for Stranger things and have mediocre acting skills, think again. Directors want the best talent only.

  • Prior Experience is a major benefit.

Other than Winona Ryder, many of the actors on Stranger Things are relatively new to the scene and got their big break by starring in the series. However, they have acting experience and that’s very important to casting directors.

Actors need to know how to audition for Stranger Things. How to act, react, how to put themselves in the characters shoes and blow casting directors away, convince them you are the person for the part, and an untrained actor doesn’t have the best chance of doing that.

One of the best ways to gain experience is to simply join the theater program in your school or local rec center. If you’re really serious about acting you may even want to look into acting classes.

We know you’re eagerly waiting for Stranger Things auditions to be announced, and we’re doing our best to post them. However, in the mean time, feel free to leave a comment below to tell us what you loved about Stranger Things and how excited you are for the chance to be on Season 3… and make sure to check out the rest of our Netflix Auditions and other Auditions Near You… and don’t forget to read our guide on becoming an actor.

12 Comments on "Stranger Things Season 3 Auditions & Open Casting Calls"

  1. Hello, so my daughter is so excited about a Season 3 that she just has to be part of it. We will keep an eye open for auditions coming up in the near future.

  2. I loved the action and the friendship between the kids in stranger things. It was totally bingable and rebingable. I would love to be apart of something like that. Stranger things is a very great show, and I will try my best to be apart of it 🙂

  3. I love stranger things best show ever, im looking forward to more drama and romance in season 3…

  4. Stranger Things’ third season has the potential to top both its first and second season- since (in my opinion) season two topped season one. Ahhh man I’m so excited! I think I’m most looking forward to seeing Max’s character development, and seeing the development between Mike-Eleven-Hopper, those three could be around each other a lot more. Will Eleven be going to regular school, of homeschooling? I kiiiinda feel like it’s gonna be homeschooling, at least until she understands math and has a better vocabulary. Maybe she’ll get to graduate with Mike and the gang- but that could be a stretch and I don’t know if we’d see that in the show since the actors aren’t all the ages for it. Still, I’m so looking forward to whatever the Duffers throw at us. ;D

  5. Im very excited to have the chance to be in stranger things. If you guys can give me a call on my profile “Chino Cooper”

  6. I’m super excited to watch or possibly be on Stranger Things season 3 next year. I know it is a long time but I will wait because I am absolutely in love with Stranger Things and it is one of my inspirations to become an actresses!!!!!!!!!!!❤️

  7. I am so excited for season 3 because I would love to see how Millie’s character Eleven will be portrayed in this season. I think that the cast of kids are just a very nice and talented group of people. These kids are my age and I would love to be friends with them.

  8. I’ve been following stranger things since it’s release, me and my grandpa watched it together and we both absolutely love it. I would give anything to be a part of this show, I’ve had a lot of prior acting experience and I want to be a part of this amazing project.

  9. Liliana Canozo | November 14, 2017 at 5:01 pm | Reply

    I honestly loved Season 3 so much, it was an intense, emotional rollercoaster and I cried about five times ? I cannot wait for the upcoming seasons,and after seeing this page, well, my imagination wandered and started fantasizing and..I applied ? I pray for myself and everyone else who’s gonna try!!

  10. I am so excited for season 3 of Stranger Things because it is such an outstanding series. The plot, storyline and characters are all so amazing. I am 14 years old, and I have a passion for acting which is why I would absolutely love to audition

  11. Hello my name is Abel Gaspar, I have recently ended the series, I enjoyed it from the the bottom of my heart, to see a connection between all the characters an how it made awesome chemistry. I want to part of this history.

  12. I am so excited for stranger things 3 because i am hoping for my daughter to get a part in stranger things 3 to make my family proud of her And also I really love the show!!

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