Talent Agencies in Chicago: Top Top Rated Chicago Talent Agencies

Top 10 Talent Agencies in Chicago

Chicago is a great place to be for starting a career in acting, modeling, or any other performing arts. A lot of aspiring talents succeed here because of the representation they can find. That’s why it’s so important that you find the best talent agency to represent you. A great talent agency can help you find new opportunities, expand your horizons, venture down new paths and meet new people that you might not otherwise get to.

In choosing a talent agency to represent you, it’s important that you choose wisely. You want an agency with a reputation for success and a specialty that fits your career potential. But it’s equally important to find an agency that values you as a person and truly has your best interest at heart.

How did we select the top 10 talent agencies in Chicago?

With so many great agencies to choose from, how can we narrow it down to 10? We did some research on things like reputation and reviews, inclusivity and philosophy, and overall industry presence. While every talent might look for something a little different in an agency, this list serves as a good starting point for anyone looking for some guidance.

Here are 10 of the most reputable talent agencies in Chicago:

  1. Actors Talent Group (ATG)

This boutique agency keeps a shorter talent list — and for good reason. They treat all of their actors with true care and believe in quality over quantity. If you are accepted into ATG, you’ll find that they raise the bar for actor relationships.

ATG is currently accepting applications for experienced TV, film, and theatre actors over the age of 18 and experienced models looking to transition into acting.

Website: actorstalentgroup.com

Address: 410 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 588-1309

Specialty: TV, film, & theater actors over

  1. BMG Models and Talent

BMG represents adults and children who work in on-camera, commercials, TV, and movies. They consider themselves more than just a talent agency — they strive to be business partners, industry leaders, actor developers, and responsible community members.

BMG has sister agencies in New York, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Atlanta, so opportunities at BMG are not just limited to Chicago.

Website: bmgtalent.com

Address: 2255 S Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 829-9100

Specialty: TV & film actors

  1. Ambassador Talent Agents

Ambassador Talent Agents is responsible for the acting talent in titles like Empire, Shameless, Chicago PD, and more. They help actors pursue careers in TV, commercial, and voiceover, with a reputation for success in each field.

Website: ambassadortalent.com

Address: 180 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 641-3491

Specialty: TV, commercial, voiceover acting

  1. Stewart Talent

Stewart Talent represents talent in all aspects of acting and modeling. Although they originated in Chicago and still hold significant midwestern roots, they have now expanded to New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles as well. They attribute their success to their ability to recognize the changing dynamics of the market and paying attention to their clients’ needs.

Website: stewarttalent.com

Address: 400 N Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 943-3131

Specialty: Full service

  1. Gray Talent Group, Inc.

Gray Talent Group is unique in its commitment to nurturing diverse and rare talent. They work with a select number of actors that way they can provide the right amount of personal attention and help actors get the training and tools they need for success. They represent talent over the age of five who are experienced in ALL aspects of the business. In other words, they do not represent for individual skills.

Website: graytalentgroup.com

Address: 727 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 663-1659

Specialty: Full service, well-rounded actors

  1. O’Connor Casting Company

Although O’Connor Casting Company is a full service talent agency, they really shine in casting for TV commercials. You can visit their website to see the commercials they’ve casted for big name brands like Nike, Uber, Corona, Discover Card, and more.

They also have a separate division for those looking for extra and background work, which is a great opportunity if you are less experienced.

Website: oconnorcasting.tv

Address: 1219 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 226-9112

Specialty: Full service

  1. Ford Models

With additional locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, Ford models is right on the pulse of the fashion model industry. They have models participating in all major fashion weeks and shooting for Prada, Dior, Vogue, and more. Ford models is an enviable agency at the top of many aspiring models’ representation goals.

Website: fordmodels.com

Address: 850 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 243-9400

Specialty: High fashion

  1. Shirley Hamilton

Shirley Hamilton represents talent of all ages, from birth through adults. They work primarily with experienced actors seeking opportunities in TV, film, theatre, voice-over, print, and live events. Since their inception in 1962, they have formed deep relationships with producers, casting directors, advertising agencies, and photographers in the Chicago area and beyond.

Website: shirleyhamiltontalent.com

Address: 333 E. Ontario St., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 787-4700

Specialty: Full service

  1. Chicago Talent Networks

The Chicago Talent Networks not only helps actors and models land voiceover, on camera, print, and trade show/event gigs, they also provide coaching and resources. Their one on one training and ear prompter coaching help aspiring actors improve their skills and gain confidence for auditions.

Website: thetalentnetworks.com

Address: 4715 N. Malden St., Chicago, IL

Phone Number: (312) 869-2457

Specialty: Trade show/live event

  1. Select

Select represents male and female models, stylists, artists, and prop professionals. They are one of the few modeling agencies in the Chicago area that hold regular open call auditions — they take place Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm. So if you are a female over 14 or male over 16, you can attend an open call. If you’re selected, you’ll be within a top network of clients in all media.

Although a newer name, Select is really the combination of MP Management and Select Model Management as the two merged in late 2019.

Website: selectmodel.com

Address: 400 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL

Phone Number: (312) 943-3226

Specialty: Open calls

We hope this list helps you find the right representation! See you soon on the big screen or runway!

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